Why you should choose a pre-certified passive house kit

Many energy efficient home building options exist, but not all are created equal. We delve into what could go wrong if you don’t make the best choice.

Many energy efficient home building options exist, but not all are created equal. We delve into what could go wrong if you don’t make the best choice.

Most of us are faced with the challenge of building a home that we can afford. We want a home that we’ll love, that will be healthy, comfortable, and look like “home” to us. Today, we also want a home that will be affordable to own as energy prices rise.

Far too many homes are still being built today that won’t help home owners as energy prices spike ever upwards, but there are other concerns too.

A combination of science and quality goes into EkoBuilt’s pre-certified passive house kits, making an EkoBuilt house the smartest home you can build.

Let’s dig into what can happen if you don’t choose a solution like the one offered by EkoBuilt:

Number one

Mold and mildew in wall cavities

No joke. Conventional framing and any poorly executed wall system that doesn’t adequately create a vapour barrier and an open permeable air barrier can lead to these issues. This can have very negative impacts on your home and health.

Number 2

Building deterioration over time

We’ve seen this many times in builds where sub-standard material and technique choices were made. It leads to costly remediation down the road, making the true cost of the home much higher.

Number 3

Poor air quality, negative health impacts

Any building that isn’t properly constructed, sealed and ventilated can lead to different aspects of sick building syndrome. Human health will invariably follow.

Number 4

Costly heating and cooling bills

North Americans are more aware than ever of the rising cost of living. Your home’s energy bills do not need to fall into this category if you build smart today.

The beauty of passive

A truly passive home is 75% more efficient than a code-built home today. The math is simple; your heating and cooling bills will be substantially lower with a passive home.

Net metering, where a solar installation is used to offset the energy needed to run a home, is becoming increasingly popular. It helps to contribute clean energy and it offsets the homeowner’s energy bills.

An EkoBuilt passive house design is so energy efficient, we call it Net Positive, instead of Net Zero — it can easily produce more energy than it needs. A house built to code in 2022 would require a net metering system six times larger than the one required on an EkoBuilt home.

Pre-certified for peace of mind

At the end of the day, EkoBuilt isn’t the only passive house solution on the block, but it is pretty exceptional.

We’ve been creating our house plans and weathertight material kit since 2016, following rigorous research and development that began in 2012 (and stretches back further to our beginnings as a sustainable home building company in 2006).

We’re constantly scanning the landscape for the best performing options to incorporate into our homes. It’s a culture of continuous improvement.

Our pre-certified solution means you know that your home will live up to the promise of passive. A sustainable and supremely healthy home for your future.

Passive solar floor plans

An interior house picture of a kitchen and living area overlooking a lake.
An interior photo of an EkoBuilt home built using our popular Hummingbird plan. Click to see all of our energy efficient house plans.

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