Magnetic Tile Flooring

The new Pine Valley coach house at our EkoModel Home in Dunrobin, Ontario includes an extremely cool new tiling solution: magnetic tiles. Find out more!

A better tiling option

We’re always on the lookout for new finishes in our passive homes. We look for products that will be long lasting, durable, beautiful, and healthy.

Italian porcelain tile that doesn’t require mortar thanks to a precision fit that works through magnetism makes for a cleaner, easier to maintain surface (floor or wall).

Key benefits

Ease of installation: no mess, no need for a skilled tiler

Longer lasting: less breakage, and easier replacement

Reuseable: when you’re ready to change up a room’s style, use the tiles in another space

Waste reduction: reduce water usage and wasted surplus material; reduce silica exposure (from mortar and grout)

Our supplier: Kablan

Ontario-based Kablan develops high-quality, functional design pieces that can be installed easily by anyone. This company proudly designs with intention, working to help to reduce waste, and solve some of the larger challenges facing construction and design.

Watch their installation of this tile solution in our new Pine Valley coach house:

EkoModel Home

You can find out more about our west Ottawa-based model passive home here, on our website.

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