August Open House – Participation Survey

Our first open house for the new EkoModel Home earlier this month was a huge success. We were stunned by the response, excitement, and interest from so many. Please help us pick a date for a second open house in August.

West Ottawa Passive House

We’re looking to pick a date this August, and we’re aware that some of our audience can’t attend on a weekend. The summer can also be challenging with vacation plans. We’re hoping to pick a date that will suit most.

If you’re interested in seeing our 1,600 square foot, net-positive model home with companion coach house (in our case a garage with office space above), please take a moment and let us know of your availability.

Net Positive is our new take on Net Zero. Our new model home is so energy efficient, the solar installation we have in place is producing more energy than the home needs. That’s Net Positive!

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Participation Survey

We’ve heard from some folks that a weekday between 12 – 7pm might be preferable for an open house. Please tell us your thoughts!

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