Financing for an off-grid home

If you’re looking to build an off-grid home in Ontario, you might wonder where you will find options for financing. We have a recommendation.

Everyone who chooses an EkoBuilt home is looking to build the most energy efficient home they can afford, and in most cases we recommend that financing for a mortgage can be easily obtained through any mortgage broker or bank. It’s the same for any custom home, and arguably an EkoBuilt passive home is an even better bet for a potential lender, as your running costs will be substantially lower than with a conventionally built home (making it easier to meet your mortgage payments).

Going off-grid

An off-grid home is simply one that isn’t connected to the power grid. It still needs to meet or exceed building codes and be appropriately permitted, but there won’t be the reliance on (or security of) being connected to the main grid for power.

We regularly get requests for an off-grid component to the homes we build, and we’re always pleased to help make this happen. An EkoBuilt home is the right kind of home to take off-grid, as the energy demand is so much lower to begin with.

Finance options

If you’re building in Ontario, we have a great solution.

Pillar Financial Services Inc. specializes in off grid projects; if you want to pursue financing for an off-grid home, reach out to them. They are based in Sharbot Lake, Ontario and nearly half of their mortgage portfolio is based in rural Ontario.

Tony Cook, Business Development Manager, Pillar Financial Services Inc. | 613-229-9903

Energy efficient home
An off-grid home might make use of a woodstove, solar panels, or both.

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