One Plan Many Ways: The Hummingbird

Over the past year or so The Hummingbird has become one of our most popular plans. Find out what’s so fantastic about this single-floor plan and the variations we’ve made available.

The Original Plan

The Hummingbird offers a simple floorplan that seems to appeal to country and city dwellers alike: its 1,916 sq ft of space includes 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and an open plan kitchen/living/dining area.

The common living spaces are anchored by huge windows, and a screened in porch off one end of the plan integrates beautifully with outdoor deck space.

The floorplan lends itself to variations and we detail these here.

Floorplan for the original Humminbird Plan: four bedrooms
The original floorplan of The Hummingbird

Passive House Plan Variations

Hummingbird 2

One option with The Hummingbird is just to slim down the floorplan and include a lower level. We share a revised plan here that shows the main floorplan with these key changes:

  • reduced to 3 bedrooms
  • kitchen flipped to opposite side of main living area
  • larger entrance off a side covered deck that integrates the screened in porch

If a basement is desired, keeping the revised main floor and adding a lower level is always possible. In the plan shown the basement includes:

  • large open living area with woodstove
  • fourth bedroom
  • third bathroom
  • utility / laundry room

Financial notes: Adding a basement will add approximately $100k to the budget.

Exterior render of Hummingbird house plan with basement and side deck
The Hummingbird Plan with basement, side deck and porch, enlarged entrance
Hummingbird floorplan variation with 3 bedrooms
Click to enlarge the floorplan

Hummingbird 3

In this urban take on the Hummingbird, the floorplan is presented on its short side to the street. An integrated two-car garage sits to one side, and a new main entrance has been added.

Other changes to the main floor include:

  • reduced to 2 bedrooms (master suite + office/guest bed)
  • small covered porch leads into main entry vestibule
  • mudroom / laundry situated next to garage entry
  • kitchen shifted to interior/central position

Not shown here, the basement included with this plan is accessed from the mudroom and was roughed out to incorporate:

  • large open area
  • third bedroom
  • bathroom
  • exercise room

Financial notes:

  • Adding a basement will add approx $100k to the budget.
  • An optional attached double garage would cost approx $75k.
An exterior render of the Hummingbird house plan with a two-car garage
The Hummingbird Plan with two-car garage and repositioned entry
Click to enlarge the floorplan

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Hummingbird 1B

This variation drops a bedroom, incorporating a nifty interior office between two bedrooms.

The Hummingbird 1B floorplan positions an interior office to be shared by two bedrooms
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Hummingbird 4

This version drops a bedroom in favour of a large entry way next to a corner office. Secondary bathroom placement is also shifted.

The Hummingbird 4 floorplan with large foyer and corner office

Customize to Suit Your Needs

We can of course customize the plan to suit your unique needs and your site. We can ship our plan and weathertight material kit to wherever you are in North America.

For current pricing and to discuss your project, please just contact us.

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