Passive House Takes Centre Stage at COP26

Anyone who follows us knows our commitment to action on climate change. We’re very pleased to share this update from the International Passive House Association (iPHA) about how passive house will feature at COP26.

We are grateful to the iPHA for providing this round up of passive house news related to COP26.

Buildings are significant contributors to worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. The UN’s climate conference COP26 in Glasgow is the perfect opportunity to present available construction solutions and enable climate action. The Passive House standard is taking centre stage in Glasgow, being featured in several events and participating in the Global Alliance for Building and Construction’s program. The International Passive House Association (iPHA) is organizing several sessions in the EU Pavilion, as well as a free ‘Sustainable Buildings of Glasgow’ tour on November 8th.

The iPHA has compiled a detailed schedule of Passive House activities at COP26, happening in-person in Glasgow and online November 1-12th.

Many of this year’s COP events will be live-streamed. To take part in online events, participants can register via the links included in the ‘Passive House at COP26’ schedule. The reference time zone for all the events in the program is GMT.

The schedule is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Ice Box Challenge

This summer’s Passive House public installation, the Glasgow Ice Box Challenge, will be heavily featured at COP26, with two dedicated sessions. The public experiment visually demonstrated the benefits of adopting highly energy efficient buildings instead of business as usual.

On November 11, iPHA will host a session on the Ice Box Challenge Glasgow at 14:30 (GMT) in the EU Pavilion. They will present the experiences and results together with the project co-organisers, including the Passive House Trust, Edinburgh Napier University, Glasgow City Council and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre.

Learn more about the Glasgow Icebox Challenge.

Ice Box Challenge Glasgow: July 23 – August 6

The #IceBoxChallengeGlasgow is a scientific demonstration, visually highlighting the benefits of energy-efficient buildings. After a successful student competition to select the winning design, the ice boxes are now in the process of being fabricated. One box is being built to the Scottish Building Standard and the other to the Passive House Standard. The boxes are filled with an equal amount of ice and displayed for public viewing in St Enoch Square for two weeks. The amount of ice left in each box at the end of this period will be measured, and the level of remaining ice will be used to demonstrate how well each ice box kept out the heat.

Better building design can help us reduce our carbon pollution without changing our behaviour. Buildings that prioritise efficiency first are comfortable and healthy.

Build Better Now

Throughout COP26, several Passive House projects will be featured in the virtual pavilion “Build Better Now”.

Click to visit the website dedicated to the Build Better Now virtual exhibition.

Explore an immersive virtual reality exhibition to discover international projects offering solutions to the climate crisis.

Accessible globally from a laptop, tablet or mobile device, this exhibition invites everyone to learn about innovative and sustainable ideas for buildings, cities and infrastructure that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

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