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Over the years we’ve tried to do what we can to shine a light on renovation and not just to promote new builds. You may have an older home in an older neighbourhood that you just love and you don’t want to leave, but the energy bills are steep and it’s not as comfortable as it could be.

For a long time, there were too many barriers to retrofitting an older home to the passive house standard, but we’re happy to say that things have changed.

It’s now possible for a good number of older homes to achieve the newer EnerPHit – Quality-Approved Energy Retrofit with Passive House Components. That’s quite exciting for anyone attached to their older home but keen to make it much more energy efficient.

Did you know that newly certified homes generally achieve energy reductions between 75 and 90%? Now just imagine the savings over the years!

We’re offering two services for homeowners in need of our services. In both options, we undertake a two-hour site consultation, followed up by a report with our recommendations.

In the second option, we’ll also conduct a blower door test, which is a great way to know exactly where your home’s airtightness sits before making any changes.

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If you’re ready to shift away from fossil fuels and to enjoy the most healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home possible, visit our PassiveHouse Renovations page and book your consultation.

Blower door tests

If you want to benchmark your home’s energy efficiency (or lack thereof!) before getting started, a blower door test can be done.

This short video is a great introduction if you’re not familiar with this method of testing the airtightness of a house.

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