Pre-certified Passive Components: ERV

EkoBuilt's ERV of choice makes building your passive house that much easier.

As we talked about in our last post on passive windows and doors, pre-certified components are a thing. They make meeting the passive house standard that much easier (whether you plan to officially certify your home or not).

Components that have been pre-certified by the International Passive House Association (IPHA) include windows and doors as well as Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) or what we like to call a fresh air machine. Why are these so helpful? Well, combined with our certified passive house system, it simply makes your build that much easier.

EkoBuilt’s ERV of Choice

We have decided to use the Jablotron (Futura) as it is the unit able to perform reliably and effectively in the coldest temperatures. This makes it superbly suitable for Canada and parts of the United States.

The machine is frost protected down to -20°C (for our U.S. readers, this is -4F). To put this in perspective, conventional ERVs instantly freeze in below zero conditions and require recirculation of stale air to defrost, which naturally sacrifices indoor air quality and increases operation cost.

The Futura is rated at 90% efficiency for heat recovery, compared to conventional systems which are usually rated around 50-60%. This efficiency rating is extremely important as it will have a direct impact on the cost of operating the unit!

A super efficient, frost-protected unit is therefore vital during the long Canadian / northern winter season.

This blog post prompted some great questions from readers. Get the full details in our follow up blog post:

IPHA Certification

Just as with Munster Joinery for our preferred windows, the Jablotron (Futura) comes pre-certified:

IPHA certification for the Jablotron ERV.

In order for your home to perform as a passivehouse it does need to be certified or at least be certifiable. EkoBuilt’s system has been certified by the International Passive House Association (IPHA).

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