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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Your FAQs Answered

Interested in building a super energy efficient new home that you love? Start here!

House plan or custom design?

We offer a wonderful range of energy efficient house plans from tiny coach homes to large family homes with garages or carports.

Yes, we can do custom design, but we find that there is usually a design that’s a great starting point for most projects. We can modify any of our plans to best match your site and your lifestyle.

We also take on specialized projects, like dual family homes with shared living spaces, community townhomes, etc. Just ask!

How are your homes built?

Our homes are NOT prefabricated. That’s a common misconception we run across.

What we do that is different: we have an extremely carefully thought through weathertight material kit. The EkoBuilt PassiveHouse kit includes all of the items necessary for a watertight, wind tight, and vapour tight passive house. An experienced carpenter can easily put it together.

This gives our customers choices: have the plans and kit shipped to your destination to be built locally (we ship across North America), or have us supply the plans, kit, and undertake the build through to the finishing touches (if you’re in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec).

Since our design package is based on our certified passivehouse shell with proprietary materials, we can only provide our house plans with our materials package. We are confident we have the most affordable passive house package in North America!

What does it cost?

That definitely depends on your budget and needs!

We provide a price list for all of our house plans, right on the energy efficient house plan page.

We then point you to a blog post where we detail all of the factors in approximating turnkey costs for any of those plans.

Once you know which plan or design you want to use (and we can work with you in figuring that out), we’ll prepare a detailed cost analysis for your project.

What’s the cost per square foot?

Some people find it easiest to begin with an accurate ballpark using cost per square foot.

We can offer the following complete home estimate cost ranges:

Above 2500 ft.² – $180-$200 / ft.²
1750 – 2500 ft.² – $200-$215 / ft.²
1250 – 1750 ft.² – $215-$230 / ft.²

There is flexibility built in, though. If you read Calculating the Cost of Your New Home, you’ll have a good sense of what will influence your project cost.

The Eko Solar Engine - passive house infographics

The Eko Solar Engine pulls together the best of the latest technology to make your passive home high performance. Find out more.

Do you offer a warranty?

EkoBuilt believes every home builder should be entitled to a home warranty. A truly sustainable society is an inclusive one.

No new home builder should be excluded from a new home warranty, however Tarion is unfortunately exclusive to their group, and they do not allow owner-built homes to be registered under their umbrella.

Our homeowners are protected by all sub-contractors honouring their own warranty, equivalent to Tarion.

We’ve written an article called Warranty and Your EkoBuilt Home where we detail how our approach to warranty works.

Do you have a model home?

Yes, but it’s not available until early in 2022. We had a hugely popular model home that we sold recently and we’re building a new model home that will show off our passion for smart homes. It’s in Dunrobin, just west of Ottawa.

If you’d like to see an EkoBuilt home near you, please reach out. Our homes are as popular in urban areas as they are in the country!

4 thoughts on “Your Most Frequently Asked Questions!

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  3. Nick Neufeld

    I’m in the early planning stage of an off grid passive house in Manitoba. I plan to use a wood stove as the primary hear source because electricity will be unreliable in the winter. I see a lot of debate online about wood stoves failing to perform in an air tight home. I see that you’ve had clients try it. Do you have any advice or lessons or resources to share?

    • Hi Nick, thanks so much for reaching out. You are quite right, we have indeed implemented passive house projects with a companion wood stove. I’ll flag this for us to address in a blog post and get back to you with any initial information I get from the team. Please stay tuned.

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