One house plan, three different ways

The Sunflower in its original form is a pretty sweet houseplan. Running at 1,852 square feet, it encompasses 4 + 1 bedrooms in a really neat layout that places the bedrooms/bonus rooms off to the sides of the central living area, like wings or petals. It’s a houseplan that creates some really interesting corners and sightlines for indoor/outdoor living.

We’ve recently created two variations on the Sunflower for new projects. One is very faithful to the original plan, just enlarging the overall square footage by about 250 sq ft and flipping the orientation of the two bedroom wings.

The other is a more radical rethinking of the Sunflower, enlarging the overall floorplan by nearly 750 sq ft, removing the “plus one” bedroom/den and enlarging the remaining four bedrooms. In this floorplan, the master now shares a bathroom with one other bedroom in its wing, rather than having a dedicated en suite.

In the final of the three plans, there is also an integrated carport and a dedicated corner yard space for dogs. This could easily be a dining patio/porch if flipped to the kitchen/dining side of the main living space.

The variations on the Sunflower are endless and we hope the three versions seen here might inspire you!

The Sunflower

Original plan: 1,852 sq ft, 4+1 bedroom, 2 bath

Sunflower house plan with 4 + 1 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

The Sunflower 3

Plan: 2,100 sq ft, 4+1 bedroom, 2 bath

Minor variation on the Sunflower houseplan; slightly more square footage, bedroom wings flipped

The Sunflower 2

Plan: 2,600 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath, carport

Variation on sunflower houseplan with 750 sq ft additional space, larger bedrooms and a carport

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