Breathe easy with a ToxBox

In the spirit of information sharing, we like to sometimes focus on solutions for existing / older homes. This seems more relevant than ever as so many of us are staying home or otherwise conscious of pausing plans. This post focuses on healthy indoor air!

The ToxBox filter isn’t new, but it is an amazing Canadian product deserving of a bit of profile right now. Does your home have a conventional furnace? The ToxBox is for you.

Ditch the pleated filters!

This ingenious and eco-friendly filter attaches to a conventional furnace and will capture 95% of the bad stuff found in the air inside of our homes: this includes dust, pollen, pet pander, harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses. Yes, viruses!

Did you know that conventional pleated air filters tend to capture only about 2% of the bad stuff?


Easy to add to your existing furnace

ToxBox catches particles as small as 0.007 micron – that’s how it’s so effective at keeping your air healthy

ToxBox draws particles into electrically charged proprietary manufactured glass fibre pads

Made from 70% recycled material

Electrical usage is only 2 watts

If you have an older home — or indeed any home with a conventional furnace — and have been worried about air quality, a ToxBox filter is an affordable and incredibly effective way to go!

Great piece of mind right now. The product can be ordered online and delivered straight to you. When getting out to shop becomes easier again, ToxBox is also carried by Walmart and Home Depot.

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