EkoBuilt Project: Passive House in Etobicoke

We’ve got lots going on this summer across our homebase, the Ottawa region, but we’re also working on a new passive home in the Toronto area. We’re delighted to share a little about that project now.

The home is being built for a young forward thinking family who had to grapple with whether to replace the previous home on their property, which was built in the 1920s. Ultimately, this older home was sacrificing their health with poor indoor air quality and affecting their finances with extremely high heating bills.

Being aware of the passive house standard, they knew that it would be able to solve both problems and result in inexpensive energy bills and healthy indoor air quality in a comfortable environment.

There is great irony with this build, in South Etobicoke, because it’s located in “Ford country”, which basically sounds like the opposite of sustainability. A home built for today needs to better our world and our personal health, not sacrifice it, of course.

A great example of this is when the gas meter was removed from the property. The original home had performed well for its intended purpose back in the 1920s and for decades after, but the time had come to look forward. This young family is fully aware that we need to build in a way that will maximize our health for both the inside world we live in and the outside world that we also dwell in. A passive house will benefit both of these worlds best.

This home will be 100% electrically operated and be extremely easy and cheap to heat and cool. Its running cost will be approximately $1 per day for three months in the winter, or roughly $90 for the core winter season. Heating simply won’t be required in the same way for the shoulder months (October, November, March, April) as in their previous home.

Construction has just begun and we look forward to sharing more updates soon!


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