Getting in touch this summer

As we head into the second half of summer, we’re finding that enquiries continue to come thick and fast. We’re delighted to hear from so many of you, but during peak construction season it can be a bit of a challenge responding in a timely fashion.

We’re doing our best to respond to everyone as quickly as we can (usually within 24 – 48 hours), but if you’ve experienced a delay, don’t be shy about reaching out again.

If your question or questions are best discussed with owner Paul Kealey, he’s easiest to reach by phone at this time of year when he’s running around multiple project sites.

So, if you really need a chat with Paul this month, just give him a shout on the main EkoBuilt number: (613) 227-4663.

You’re also always welcome just to send an email or use our contact form.

All the best for the rest of the summer season!

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