Passive House pricing at your fingertips

We field requests constantly from people interested in building a passive house, including using one of our 13 energy efficient house plans. We’ve been working towards having cost analysis documents for complete house builds for all 13 of our plans, and now they are ready!

If you head on over to our Passive House Plans page, you’ll see in the right-hand column (at the bottom for mobile users) a full list of cost analysis documents by house plan. These cost analyses also reflect our March 2019 pricing updates on our core plans and material packages, so they are absolutely current.

Of course, you’ll still need us to prepare a more customized cost estimate for you if you decide to modify a plan or material selection to better suit your particular needs, but now you’ll have a strong starting point.

We look forward to continuing our conversations with so many of you who are passionate about building to the Passive House standard!

Passive house pricing for plans and construction

What you’ll see on our updated Passive House Plans page


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