Munster Joinery windows and doors for the Ottawa passive house

Windows & Doors for the Energy Efficient Home

When it came time to choose energy efficient windows and doors for the passive house that we’re constructing, the decision was obvious. Ireland’s Munster Joinery makes windows and doors that are three times better in performance than any North American options.

Europe has embraced the Passive House standard more quickly and readily than North America, so it’s not surprising to find that it is home to a large number of suppliers who can provide the right materials and finishes for PassiveHouse projects at competitive pricing and superior quality.


Energy efficient windows from Munster Joinery of IrelandFor the EkoModel Home, we chose the PassiV uPVC Tilt & Turn Window. This model comes in vinyl, aluminum and wood; we chose vinyl as the most energy efficient and cost effective option.

These windows, which are so much more energy efficient than North American units but similar in price, simply made sense for the EkoModel Home.


Similar to the window options, Munster Joinery doors also come in vinyl, aluminum and wood options.

Munster Joinery also offers the option of timber doors and windows which have been clad in aluminum; these are considered to be a good all-weather option with enhanced aesthetic appeal for some homeowners.

About Munster Joinery

Munster Joinery logoMunster Joinery is one of the largest manufacturers of energy efficient windows and doors in Europe. Founded in 1973, the company has continued to offer new products, materials and processes throughout its four decades. The company has operations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

You can get a feel for the windows in the EkoModel Home from this photos from our timber frame post (click to enlarge):

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