Insulation in a Passive House

Blown cellulose insulation around doorsOne of the keys to the super low energy footprint of a Passive House is abundant insulation. But not just any insulation will do.

For the EkoBuilt Model Home, we chose Thermocell’s ProCell Blue, a blown cellulose insulation that makes use of wood fibre.

ProCell Blue uses 100% post-consumer recycled content. It also contains naturally occurring, non-toxic borate (familiar to many in Borax, the natural detergent) which makes the insulation completely fire retardant, eliminates the risk of mold/mildew, and repels insects. A perfect choice for a healthy home.

The method of installation insures that the insulation is very densely packed, eliminating any possibility of the insulation settling and creating air pockets.

Interested to learn more? Find out more about what makes a PassiveHouse so efficient and comfortable on our Ottawa Passive House Design & Construction page.

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