Ottawa’s First Passive House Kit

Ottawa passive house model home by EkoBuilt

At the framing stage

The Passive House model was made available in an affordable kit format by EkoBuilt in 2015; this year anyone in the Ottawa region has a tremendous opportunity to watch the build of one of these kits.

The EkoModel House is well underway in McNab-Braeside just west of Ottawa. Occupying a 10-acre property with rolling hills, the 2,509 square foot, four-bedroom home is very much in keeping with its surroundings and is being engineered with reduced development impact as a priority.

The house comes comfortably under the 3,000 square foot benchmark set for four-bedroom homes by the Canadian Green Building Council, and would be awarded 4 LEED points. In addition, the home:

  • meets the Passive House surface area to volume ratio of 0.75
  • features a very low maintenance low-slope roof system that eliminates dormers and valleys
  • incorporates materials and systems designed with performance, durability, and lower maintenance in mind, that are also local, recycled and renewable
  • consumes very little energy and has a high degree of albedo (reflectivity), thereby minimizing the heat island effect

To find out more about the EkoModel home and to arrange a visit, please see details on our newly launched Ottawa Passive House project website.

2 thoughts on “Ottawa’s First Passive House Kit

  1. This is a great looking Passive House. I notice you have a low slope metal roof which looks perfect on this house. I am doing something similar and having some difficulty finding product and installer that will deal with 1:12 pitch. Grateful for any advice!

    • Thanks for your question it’s nice to hear of your project! Our steel manufacturer is ideal steel located in Ottawa Ontario and we use their Wakefield bridge steel shingles. The product is Great for a long-lasting maintenance free watertight and wind tight roof cover. The product is guaranteed as long as it is installed over a high temperature ice/water membrane which any local roofing supply store should stock, make sure to specify “high temperature”.

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