Ontario Save-On-Energy with PassiveHouse!

NOTE: The following information is largely unknown among Ontario residents. This program has only been in place since 2014 and offers amazing incentives for High Performance New Construction.

Ontario Save-On-Energy Program

Home Energy Efficiency Tips Tool

Incentives are provided for a new building or major renovation projects that implement energy efficient equipment resulting in less energy usage when compared to a project that only meets standard building requirements.

There are three application tracks you can choose from:

Prescriptive – simple, predefined measures with per-unit incentives
Engineered – requires more technical information to estimate savings and incentives
Custom – for more complex and innovative measures not covered in other tracks

We have learned that PassiveHouse is considered a unique & innovative building model because of its extreme low-energy demand.

Presently the largest incentive in place for energy efficient building is a $1000 incentive for constructing an ‘Energy Star’ or equivalent home. With the PassiveHouse standard we expect our model home to achieve a minimum $5000-$6000 savings, an appropriate incentive for a true low-energy building.

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