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New PassiveHouse kit helps homeowners meet tomorrow’s energy standards today

Ottawa (May 25, 2015)  – With building codes across Canada set to meet much more stringent energy efficiency standards, many homeowners will find their homes falling behind. Initiatives like Architecture 2030 are pushing for dramatic reductions in fossil fuel usage in new buildings, leading up to complete carbon neutrality in 2030. Homeowners have a tremendous opportunity to get ahead of the curve now, with the market’s first complete PassiveHouse materials kits from EkoBuilt.

In Ontario, 2012 marked a 10% jump in energy efficiency standards for building code, while another 10% increase is expected by 2016/2017. So, while Energy Star rated homes are currently 20% better than code, they could be the new standard as early as 2017, while R-2000, which is 50% better than current code standards, will become the new standard by 2028.

Enter the PassiveHouse, which can be run on just 10% of the energy of a traditionally built house and without a furnace. Designed with an exceptionally tight building envelope, the PassiveHouse approach has been likened to a coffee thermos. Site orientation, building layout, superior window design, thermal mass and shading are some of the key elements in the PassiveHouse.

EkoBuilt of Ottawa, Ontario is a custom home building team with more than two decades of combined experienced in building energy efficient homes. The company, formerly known as Kealey Tackaberry, has recently rebranded and launched the first known PassiveHouse homebuilding materials kit.

According to EkoBuilt co-owner Paul Kealey, “At EkoBuilt, we believe that homeowners should have the option to meet tomorrow’s energy standards today. We have taken our passion for home building and applied it to the PassiveHouse concept, creating 12 quality Passive House kits that are supremely affordable. From a modest 624 sq ft cabin to a spacious 2,152 sq ft two-storey home, we have a kit to fit everyone’s needs.”

With the Eko PassiveHouse kit, homeowners have a unique opportunity to create an astonishingly energy efficient home today, allowing them to reduce their energy bills and to protect their investment in the short and long term.

A 2014 report from Scotiabank illustrates the wisdom of this approach: “Barring a major economic setback, energy prices are heading higher. The far-sighted among us will protect themselves by emphasizing energy efficiency in their choices of homes, cars and lifestyle.” (Scotiabank Report: Rising energy prices squeeze household budgets)

For more about EkoBuilt and its PassiveHouse materials kits, including detail of the materials used, plans and illustrations, as well as a full cost analysis of building with the Eko PassiveHouse kit, please visit:

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