A Passive Home is your fastest route to Net Zero. EkoBuilt provides the most affordable passive home option in North America:

An exterior render of a porch off one-side of a contemporary passive house bungalow, designed by EkoBuilt.

Passive House Plans & Kits

Shipped to the US & Canada

An interior of a contemporary passive home built using custom home builder EkoBuilt's passive house system.

Custom Home Builds

Within 2 hours of Ottawa, Canada

If you can afford to build a home, you can afford to build passive.

Why Should Your Next Home be a Passive House?

Based in Ottawa, Canada, EkoBuilt’s mission is to spread passive homes across Canada and the US.

We work tirelessly to share information through our blog, social media channels, and our YouTube series The Passive House Show.

The building industry needs to change to meet Net Zero goals, and we believe we offer the best system for individual home home owners and increasingly those wishing to build multi-unit dwellings.

What Our Customers Say

Awards & Certifications

EkoBuilt homes are pre-certified Passive
EkoBuilt voted Best Sustainable Home Builder in the Fashion & Lifestyle Awards
EkoBuilt voted Top Sustainable Green Home Builder by Attainable Home
EkoBuilt voted Best Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder by the Canadian Business Awards

“Build Your Home” Passive House Live Webinar

Next webinar: Tues, January 23, 2024, 6:30 – 9:30pm EST

Planning a passive build? Start here

EkoBuilt’s President and passive house expert, Paul Kealey, leads our occasional live webinar for homeowners.

Get your questions answered on process, time, costs, and financing.  Learn about passive house and other energy efficient buildings like Energy Star, LEED, and Net Zero. 

Explore the benefits of a passive house to your health and your wallet. Get all of your questions answered. Details & Registration.

Our Net Zero Model Home

A picture showing the kitchen, dining and living main space in the EkoModel Home.

Located in the rural west end of Ottawa, Canada, our home base.

We open our doors to the public several times a year to a four bedroom 1,600 sq ft passive home with companion coach home / ADU (secondary dwelling).

Next open house: Watch this space.

Passive Home Virtual Tour

We know it’s not practical for many of our customers to travel to our Canadian headquarters, so we’ve put together a virtual tour you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

We think you’ll agree with other homeowners in diverse locations across the continent – from Ontario to Atlantic Canada, Maine, New York, South Carolina, Utah, and Minnesota and points in between – that we have your passive house solution.

Keen to start on your own journey to net zero? If you’d like to book a call, please reach out!

An exterior photo of a traditionally styled home with a peak roof built to passive house standard by EkoBuilt. The home sits on a rocky slope in a wooded area.

Client Testimonial

“We are now wrapping up the finishing stages of building our EkoBuilt Passive House. We ordered our house kit from EkoBuilt and Paul Kealey was such an amazing support throughout the entire build process… answering our questions, guiding us through and visiting our site to consult with us.

“If you’re thinking of building a home, we strongly recommend taking the Passive House route… and EkoBuilt is absolutely recommended as the company of choice.”

Jennifer Pimentel, EkoBuilt passive home owner

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